Help the Lesser Kestrel Breeding Centre

DEMA is a non-profit Non-Governmental Organization from Almendralejo (Badajoz), dedicated to the development of environmental education and nature conservation projects.

Since 1990 it manages the Lesser Kestrel Breeding Centre with the aim of recovering extinct populations, promoting the establishment of new ones and thus guaranteeing the survival of this species and its habitats.
HEMBRA NIDAL POLLOSFemale with clutch in the nest – Lesser Kestrel Breeding Centre
For the last 25 years the chicks that are born every Spring at the Breeding Centre have been released into the wild through several introduction and reintroduction programmes for this species (in Extremadura, Seville, the Alhambra of Granada, Navarra, Valencia, France and Bulgaria, among other places) contributing to tangible improvements of its global situation. At the same time awareness raising activities are developed through specific environmental education programmes.

Nowadays the Lesser Kestrel Breeding Centre is going through a very difficult financial situation, and its continuity is in peril due to the lack of funding for nature conservation projects and delays in the payment of projects that are being implemented.
NÚCLEO DE CRÍA COLECTIVAInside view of the collective breeding facilities – Lesser Kestrel Breeding Centre
Nevertheless and even though the situation is complicated, DEMA’s work team continues fighting to keep the Breeding Centre afloat, looking for new opportunities for financing and working on external projects related to the conservation of this small urban falcon.

All this work will surely be fruitful, but as we explained, due to the slowness of the procedures and facing pressing financial needs, we need time so that these projects and payments are executed.

The basic expenses of the Breeding Centre (Personnel, food, maintenance of the breeding stock, cleaning products, etc) rise up to 1.700€ per month. It is absolutely necessary to cover these expenses to continue our work.

We are certain that with the support of sensitized people we will be able to continue working in benefit of the Lesser Kestrel and its habitats.
How can I help?
Teaming Group: “Help the Lesser Kestrel Breeding Centre”
With only 1 € per month you will contribute with your grain of sand so that the Centre can continue its work.


+34 924 671 7 52 / +34 678 244 414

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